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Hey Wisconsin!

I am so excited to be a part of the Compass family! Did you know that Compass is a nationwide company covering more than 45% of the country (and still expanding.) Why is this important you may ask from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin? This means that we all work collectively as agents across the United States, so no matter where you may be heading, or your college grads with their future new jobs - we have the network to take care of you! All Compass agents work collectively to help our clients in whatever state their journey might take them next. Recently I had the opportunity to visit our Naples, Florida office and meet an abundance of amazing agents who can find you that Florida property or rental you have always been dreaming about! I can refer you to the best of the best as a free service to you, so no need to search for an agent out of state on your own. My next Compass stop is in Denver where our Madison engineering graduate moved to take a job with Trelleborg, a Swedish company that engineers the polymers in airplanes. I cannot wait to meet my next group of talented and service-minded Denver Compass Agents. A little fun fact: Although born in our nation's capital, I grew up in Kansas. Every summer for vacation we loaded into the station wagon for the drive to Estes Park, Colorado. Sleeping bags laid out in the back (no seat belt law back then if you can believe it) with a cooler filled with snacks and drinks. I think of our son beginning his lifelong journey and the ballads of Rocky Mountain High - which we heard endlessly on the 8-track player in the car on the drive to Colorado. (I think I just dated myself!)

I am here for you wherever your journey takes you next!

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